How To Make Your E-Bike Go Faster

How To Make Your E-Bike Go Faster

If you feel like your e-bike is riding too slow or you simply want to add more power, there are plenty of ways to remedy that. Below are our recommendations to increase your e-bike speed, which are easy to implement and will improve performance all around.

1. Keep it at a Higher Charge:

Stay charged up. A higher voltage equals higher speed, so if you keep your battery charged, you’ll inherently ride faster. Topping off your rechargeable battery isn’t great for preserving the lifespan, so don’t keep it fully charged if you don’t plan to ride it regularly. However, if you want to go faster, you should charge more frequently, either after every ride or every other ride.

  1. Swap Out Your Motor:

    There are three different types of motors for electric bikes – front hub, read the hub, and mid-drive. The motor is what determines your e-bike’s speed, and it’s possible your e-bike is running on too powerful a motor for your battery. If this is the case, you can choose to swap out the motor or battery, but this is going to be a more expensive option than the alternatives.

How To Make Your E-Bike Go Faster
How To Make Your E-Bike Go Faster
  1. Upgrade Your Tires:

Switch from your mountain bike tires to a road bike or street bike tires.  Road bike tires are much smoother, so you’ll experience less rolling resistance and go faster at the top end. You can also keep higher pressure in your e-bike tires—this will likely mean rougher travel, but you’ll be able to ride at a faster speed.

  1. Tune Your Brakes Well

Like any bike maintenance, your brakes will need tuning every once in a while. It’s typical that brakes get adjusted by accident when you’re on the streets. For instance, falling off your bike or bumping into something can cause the brake pads to move. You can easily tune your brakes on your own or bring them to a local mechanic to help for an inexpensive price.

  1. Travel Light and Remain Seated

    The cheapest way to up your speed is to pack as light as possible. When possible, leave your backpack at home and wear aerodynamic clothing, leaving all non-essential items at home. This frees up your cargo area from any additional weight. And while it’s fun to stand up to extend your legs while you’re cruising downhill, it’s best to remain seated if you’re using full throttle.

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