Gloo's Dynamify Repeaters for Elementor widgets and more

Repeater-driven widgets, once and for all. Get dynamic content into your favorite repeater-based widgets with Dynamify Repeaters.

Dynamify Repeaters is only a single feature from Gloo's Fluid Dynamic segment, a collection of extensions, tags and more items all focused on bringing data dynamism to a new level.

Fluid Dynamic's leading design philosophy is centered around letting Gloo users have the most precise control possible over what piece of data generated by your WordPress and Elementor usage gets fetched from, subsequently giving you the possibility to display this data wherever you need to, and even make calculations and express complex logic using said data.

Dynamify Repeaters.

When we first set out to develop Gloo we had one thing in mind. Repeater-driven widgets, once and for all.

So while the Dynamic Repeater Tag, another Repeater-based Fluid Dynamic feature you can learn about here, will help you use Elementor Widgets within your repeater listings and get dynamically repeater values like you would any other data type – Dynamify on the other hand is a bit different

JetEngine will allow us to run listings using repeaters. But what about Slides? Accordions? Spoilers? Carousels? Icon Lists? Image Galleries? All these widgets and more are repeater-based, which means they can be used to display data. But they don't have any way of fetching this data themselves.

This is where Dynamify Repeaters comes in.

Here's how to bring the best ouf ot Dynamify Repeaters.

Add A Repeater Base Widget (Slides, Accordions, Spoilers, Carousels, Icon Lists)

Enable Dynamify and select source, Max items to display, and specify the main repeater ID.

Choose the data controller you want, for example: Title

Choose a Dynamic Tag called Dynamify Tag

Add the subfield ID

Repeat the process with images, links, or any other data your repeater contains, just like in the examples that follow at the bottom of this page 

Not just repeaters.

The feature below isn't the only scenario in which it may be utilized. Dynamify Repeaters integrates with Custom Post Types to provide related articles and display them in any repeater-based widget that supports it.

This also works with WooCommerce Product Variations, which you may use to retrieve and display these variations in tabs, accordions, sliders, and other widgets.

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